Custom Sawmilling Services from Catale Sawmill

Custom Sawmilling

At Catale Sawmill, we understand that every woodworking project is unique and requires the perfect lumber to bring your vision to life. That’s why we are proud to offer our exceptional custom sawmilling services. We transform logs into precisely cut and dimensioned lumber tailored to your specific needs. Join us as we explore the incredible…

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Pecan Live-Edge Slabs

At Catale Sawmill, we provide top-quality live-edge slabs and rough-cut lumber to the local community and beyond. In this article, we want to showcase one of our favorite products, the pecan live edge slabs. The beauty of our pecan live edge slabs Our pecan live edge slabs are harvested from the local pecan trees, providing…

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Welcome to Catale Sawmill

Catale (cat-a-lee) Sawmill is a bespoke sawmill located in the once-thriving community of Catale, Oklahoma. We offer hardwood products, including: Live-edge slabs Timber beams Rough-sawn lumber Firewood (for heat and cooking) Our hardwoods include: White Oak Red Oak Hickory Walnut Elm Contact us to help you with your hardwood needs for any upcoming projects you…

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