Hardwood Board-Foot Calculator take the guess work out of how much lumber to buy

find out how many board feet you need for your project

Rough-Sawn Measurements

Rough-sawn lumber is sold per board foot, measuring 144 cubic inches. To calculate how many board feet you need, multiply the length (inches), width (inches), and thickness (inches) and divide the result by 144.

Aside from being cheaper than finished lumber, woodworkers purchase rough-sawn lumber because it gives them more control and room for adjustments when working on these thicker boards.

If you or your contractor are planning a DIY project with rough-sawn lumber, keep in mind that rough-sawn lumber is yet to shrink to a smaller size. This normally occurs in the width and thickness of the board and not so much the length.

When calculating the amount of lumber you need, be sure to consider cut-offs and waste. You most likely won't be able to use every inch of every board. We recommend getting at least 15% more board feet for cut-offs and waste.

Catale Sawmill offers durable rough-sawn lumber available in different hardwoods: white oak, red oak, hickory, and walnut.

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