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locally-sourced kiln-dried hardwood can be hard to find

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What we offer

Live-edge slabs are hardwood ‘slabs’ that showcase the natural beauty of the live wood. Form and function combined, its edges feature the outer trunk of the tree when it was still alive. We have oak and walnut slabs.

Rough-sawn (rough-cut) lumber is milled on a bandsaw that results in an unfinished wood with rough edges-- basically, untreated lumber cut into planks. We specialize in rift-sawn and quarter-sawn oak lumber.

Timber beams are wood specially cut to adapt for building purposes. Timber beams are less expensive than metal beams and are more visually appealing. We have Red Oak and White Oak beams.

Sustainably-Sourced, Kiln-Dried Hardwood

At Catale (kat-uh-lee) Sawmill, we only harvest storm-damaged or dying trees from our forest. Down below are the types of trees we harvest and make our products from.

hardwood forest

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