Live-edge slabs are hardwood ‘slabs’ that showcase the natural beauty of the live wood. Form and function combined, its edges feature the outer trunk of the tree when it was still alive. 

In creating these beautiful wood pieces, we select interesting knots and grain patterns.
The logs are then live-sawn, done to maximize the breadth and length of the wood.    

After cutting, our live-edge slabs are kiln-dried to avoid warping. The live-edge slab can then be surfaced, sanded, and filled with epoxy to further enhance its appearance and longevity. 

Live-Edge Slab Applications

A live-edge slab is a perfectly workable material for creative work. It’s used to create distinct furniture like kitchen countertops, bars, tabletops, shelves, cutting boards, and benches. Different fixtures of these live-edge slabs are incorporated with metal or wood. The possible combinations that you can work with are so many!

Walnut is a great exotic hardwood for live-edge slabs; it has a beautiful dark color and is extremely durable, lasting you for decades if properly taken care of.

A staple for both traditional and modern furniture, oak is also a good choice for live-edge slab furniture. If you want cool gray tones, you can pick white oak. But if you’re into reddish or warm hues, red oak is the way to go!

Walnut and oak are hardwoods prized for their beautiful color and durability.

You can opt for one-edged slabs for almost any project, like end tables or newel posts. But generally, woodworkers prefer live-edge slabs with two edges still intact for more workability.


Catale Sawmill offers live-edge slabs cut only from our forest. Pick from different hardwoods: white oak, red oak, hickory, and walnut. We can do custom cuts to your requested sizes.

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