Hickory Hickory Lumber & Slabs

We have custom-sawn hickory lumber available.

Hickory is a durable hardwood mostly used in tool handles in the 1940s.

Now, it's favored for use in furniture and interiors. Found in the Eastern parts of the US, we have four true hickory species available commercially: shellbark, shagbark, pignut, and mockernut.

Hickory Appearance

Hickory wood colors vary. Its sapwood can be white or cream-colored while its heartwood ranges from tan to reddish-brown.

Its wood grain features coarse, straight and sometimes wavy patterns.

These patterns and remarkable contrasting colors produce a rustic feel to floorings and interiors. As for businesses and houses where a more ‘consistent’ look is desired, the wood can be stained or straight-grained hickory can be picked.

Hickory Tree

Hickory Workability

Hickory is hardwood and strong, so gluing and machining can be difficult. Splintering can happen if the cutting machines are not sharp. This durable wood can also blunt out the cutting edges of the machine. However, the final results are stunning!

With hickory’s tight grains, it’s a little more challenging to finish and stain than other woods. But overall, the result is a beautifully finished wood that lasts for decades with proper upkeep.

If your project requires a long-lasting, super-strong and beautiful hardwood, nothing beats hickory.


Hickory Strength

Hickory is one of the strongest woods available in the US. Heavy and shock-resistant, it is 30% stronger than oak and has a Janka hardness of 1820. 

Depending on the species, its bending strength ranges around 17,100 lbf/in2 -20,200 lbf/in2 and its stiffness around 1,790,000 lbf/in2-2,160,000 lbf/in2. Its crushing strength varies from 8,000 lbf/in2-9,210 lbf/in2.

The heartwood of hickory is prone to decay and insect infestation but can be treated with preservatives.


Hickory Applications

Hickory is scratch-resistant which makes it a good flooring material. It is also used in cabinets, paneling, veneers, pallets, sporting equipment like baseball bats and skis, fishing rods, tool handles, and vehicle parts.

As a fuel, it gives an even and stable fire that lasts for hours. And its charcoal gives strong flavor to foods.

Hickory is a premium wood worth its price. Get a quote now!