Walnut Walnut lumber & live-edge slabs

We have limited supply of walnut lumber and live-edge slabs available

Walnut is a premium hardwood prized for its rich color and durability. As early as the 1600s, American colonists used to export this wood to England, and by that time it was used for cradles and gun stocks.

Today, walnut is still used for gun stocks but its applications are now wider from high-end furniture to sculptures and violins. Native to North America, this exotic wood is the only domestic dark hardwood we have.

Walnut Appearance

Walnut’s sapwood is usually creamy white to yellow in color while its heartwood varies from light to dark brown or chocolate brown.

This hardwood features fine straight grains and sometimes, waves or curls. These irregular grain patterns are sought for decorative objects.


Over the years, walnut develops a lustrous patina and will lighten in color when exposed to sun.


Walnut Workability

Walnut is a popular hardwood of choice for woodworks and knickknacks. It’s easy to cut, model, and sand. It has good steam-bending properties and accepts glue and finishes quite well.

Use galvanized nails instead of iron to prevent staining on wood. And when wood planing irregular grains, care must be exercised to avoid tear outs.


Walnut Strength

Walnut has a Janka hardness rating of 1010 and is not recommended as flooring in high-traffic homes. This wood has 7,580 lbf/in2 crushing strength and bending strength of 14,600 lbf/in2 while its stiffness averages 1,680,000 lbf/in2.


This hardwood is considered durable against decay but is prone to insects. Preservative treatment may be applied.


Walnut Applications

Because of its workability, walnut is a celebrity among woodworkers and furniture makers.
It is also used in floorings, formal or office furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, paneling, carvings, ornaments, and novelties.

This wood is also used in gun stocks because of its ability to hold out against recoils.

Walnut’s natural dark color is rarely stained and is used to complement light-colored wood.


Walnut wood is unparalleled when it comes to versatility. It’s moderately hard and easy to work with while being durable, not to mention its interesting patterns and beautiful deep colors. Get a quote today!